About little old me….

Hi there! Thanks for stumbling across this (currently very untidy and unfinished!) little blog – really an extension of my Instagram page (@manwithahammer if you’ve not seen it) where I’m already known for waffling on a bit – this should give me endless scope for more ramblings!

My name is Greg, and I’m currently restoring what I hope to be my forever home – an ex-Naval Georgian townhouse in Plymouth, Devon. It’s my second restoration (the first was a Victorian Terrace in the North East), and certainly a labour of love with around 30 rooms to slowly get through, a room at a time.

All this will be done whilst living here, around a full time job – with I hope, good humour and rather often a glass of something cold and refreshing on the go. I hope eventually to create something beautiful and one day it would be wonderful to share this with people in a more real way than pictures on Instagram – but for now I best crack on at getting a functioning bathroom!

pink bathroom marble tiles fireplace black white marble
Just casually sipping a martini among the chaos of a bathroom that’s half finished…